My New Bracelet Which I Intend To Wear On My Birthday

There is one segment where Glamulet can compete with the best in the world…’charms’! When it comes to new charms to my bracelets, I trust none other. Their ‘new charms’ collection is quite extra-ordinary.

Dominated by hearts, flowers, butterflies and other nature-inspired motifs, their latest charms collection has something for every age group and occasion. The ‘shape of love’ available in silver, gold and silver and rose gold colors is quite a hot seller!

1-1Simple and elegant, these exquisite love-inspired charms are available at super discounted prices (less than $22!…yes, you heard it right!) so that you can have all the three to match all your dresses!

Flowers and butterflies are few of the motifs that are forever in demand. Designed to charm, the ‘romantic rose wreath charm’ is one of Glamulet’s best sellers! Crafted in 100% sterling silver, this charm with pink and gold flowers is formed in the shape of a wreath. I have already shortlisted this designer piece to be part of my new bracelet which I intend to wear on my birthday

In the similar strain the ‘blush of green charm’ is another of beautiful charm that is straightaway inspired by nature

Splattered with white and green gemstones, this 100% sterling silver charm with flowers and leaves cut-outs is quite a refreshing piece!  Show them off and wear your love for nature on your wrists!

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Store Your Jewelry Items In A Beautiful And Effective Way

A steel chain which is no longer in use can prove to be quite an effective way to store and display your earrings! Bolt the chain from both the ends and hang your earrings in pair so that you’re not left searching for them when you’re in a hurry. Interesting, isn’t it?!

Glamulet Jewelry

With vintage plates as base and brass candle stands atop, create tiered trays that are perfect for storing your rings, earrings, hairpins et all in a clutter-free manner. For proper storage cum display of your handcuffs, charm bracelets and bangles, how about using some recycled glass bottles? It is one hell of a superb idea as it allows one to stack wrist-wears in an appealing manner, while keeping them completely safe and intact.


One could have never imagined that a simple straw could be of so much more utility. To keep your long chains from getting tangled and broken in the process, take the help of a humble straw! Put the chain in the straw from one end and take it out from the other, clasp it and you’re done! Super cool!
A Do-It-Yourself jewelry tree is one of the most attractive ways to store your jewelry items in a beautiful and effective way. Put together some strong tree branches in a creative way and decorate it with your chains and neck pieces that are likely to get tangled otherwise.Visit us
Muffin and ice cube trays are utility items that are easily available in every household. Each ice cube or muffin hole can be used to keep a different jewelry item. This is undoubtedly the most practical and inexpensive way to keep your jewelry sorted and organised.

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Unveiling the Fashion Jewelry Trends 2016

Be it jewellers, retailers or consumers, everyone waits with bated breath for the fashion jewelry trend forecast that influences the end-customers, as well as the jewelry industry in general. The fashion jewelry trends of 2016 are a take-off from the past that links the traditional with the present, and in some cases future as well. Along with paying homage to the designs of the yore, the modern trends are influenced by the new technology and innovative, forward-looking ideas.

Glamulet Jewelry

‘Magic’ is the latest trend that has taken the fashion jewelry industry by a storm. Catapulting the jeweller and the goldsmith to the position of master magicians, this new trend gives a new lease of life to the gemstones through varied cuts, shapes and facets to create a delightful illusion. Playing with exceptional hues displaying light and shadow, this trend focuses on the use of materials like zirconia, blue sapphire and marcasite, along with opal and pearl.

DIV Charms

Body art is another fresh trend that is slated to make it big in the fashion jewelry market in seasons to come. Viewing the body as a canvas to adorn, this trend has brought forth into the market an array of headpieces, body chains, hand ornaments and ear cuffs. This kind of fashion jewelry is created keeping in mind the cuts and curves of a human body.

The exciting new trend of ‘Eternity’ focuses on the infinitude of heritage and tradition, and the desire of the mortals for immortality forms its core. It draws from a lavish color palette that plays with electric blue and greens and mixes it with other warmer tones. Here one can also witness an exciting coming together of the modern technology with traditional jewelry making techniques.

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7 Easy Steps to Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

Step 1

Zero in on a shop from where you wish to buy your silver jewelry. Do not blindly trust any fancy jewelry or antique store as marketing gimmicks alone do not make one a reliable and trustworthy retailer in this industry.

Step 2

Selecting the right piece of jewelry is quite a tedious task! Even Instinctive buyers take their time when buying jewelry as it is not just expensive but a timeless keepsake. Keep in mind the longevity of the design, as well as your personal style when buying sterling silver jewelry. Just a handy tip, do not blindly follow the latest fashion trends when buying pure metals as they cannot be discarded with the arrival of the new and wading of the old.

Step 3

After selecting the right piece, get all vital information about the design and the metal used in that particular piece from the salesperson or the jeweller. All these details will get you an idea about that piece’s durability and worthiness.

Step 4

Examine carefully the jewelry piece you are interested in purchasing. Its careful examination will help you reveal its craftsmanship, weight, intricacies of design, as well as flaws and tarnishes if any.

Step 5

Locating the hallmark on your silver jewelry is your next most important step. A hallmark is the sign of a true metal and a proof of its genuineness. If you are not able to locate this mark, ask the jeweller to help you find the same. Do not buy any sterling silver jewelry without the .925 hallmark.

Step 6

If you have a penchant for designer stuff, you’d know how to tell the fake from the originals. Your jeweller would definitely know about the designer of the particular piece of jewelry you chose. However, in most cases you might not need ask as the designer’s labels are proudly flaunted on the jewelry.

Step 7

Make your purchase and voila! You’re done! Adorn that classic shiny piece of sterling jewelry at the next soiree and be the glittering diva of the evening!

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Symbol Of Your Love Valentine’s Gift

DIV CharmsDIY Memorable Charms❤ Upload Your Precious Photos Into The Charms, Glamulet Love Heart Charms 925 Sterling Silver Memorable Charm Fit All Brands Bracelets.

With the season of love quickly approaching, we’re getting ready by adorning ourselves with our latest collection, Hooked on You. Featuring two ancient symbols, the heart and arrow, this collection celebrates the gift of love and reminds us to enjoy moment of the journey.

Although the heart and arrow both symbolize love, they evoke different facets of romance. The arrow, representing integrity and flight, encompasses infatuation and excitement. The heart, our emotional center, is emblematic of loyalty, affection, and compassion.

Bracelets are expandable ensuring the perfect fit for every wrist. This completely original design allows everyone to have a piece of jewelry which is truly customized.

We all experience love in unique ways. Do you connect with the heart or the arrow? We invite you to take our quiz to discover which symbol represents your love.

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Silver Bracelet Pricing Lowest in Years


What kind of accessories do you want to make with these pretty drop beaded pendants? How about  necklaces, you can connect it with a chain or wire. Or it is a great idea that adding earring hooks then you can get a pair of drop earrings. So have you any ideas about these cute pendants?
Drop acrylic pendants are usually used in many amazing jewelry patterns and why don’t you join our funny jewelry making? You may also create popular crafts then please share them with us. Look forward your great works!

bracelets1It is obvious that this lovely bracelet is similar with the first one and they are made by one designer. I know it is a simple project, but I really like it. I think I can wear it whatever I wear dress or shirts because it is prefect to be matched with different clothes.

We can see that this transparent drop bead is in the middle part of this bracelet. This bead adds some unique features onto it. It is easy to make this bracelet and we have to add  charms after sliding other charms. Do you also want to make one?

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Holiday Beads, Chains and Chokers

Christmas less than a week away, we have one last round of gift ideas for you from the artisans.

If you can’t find the right items here, check out our previous Handmade Holidays posts for even more ideas and deals. Remember: artisans don’t always have handmade items in stock, so use the contact form to make sure what you want is available and will arrive before December 25.

Sundown Bead Designs Jewelry:

jewelry12Unique, handcrafted art jewelry made with silver and a variety of gems and beads. Coiling, cold connections, soldering, and patinas all combine to create one of a kind works.




Microphone Choker from Music Jewelry:

jewelry13This is a fabulous quality 925 sterling silver black and silver microphone is a real “Statement” piece. Perfect for our vocalists or budding karaoke singers!




bracelet designsThis hand knotted, Bohemian bracelet has ceramic beads, sterling silver, pewter, and pearl with distressed leather. This bracelet has a bit of a southwestern or boho feel to it.
Wear it with jeans or your dressiest outfits.



Heart-Shaped Gems from Pinnacle Diamonds:

ringGorgeous pair of Swiss Blue Topaz heart gems sized 10mm each. These gems are beautifully cut and just bursting with that exquisite blue color. This pair could work quite nicely in your jewelry or craft designing.

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wildlife and western style jewelry line


We are so excited to announce the launch of our odeliafarms Blog! After more than a decade of designing our premier horse, wildlife and western style jewelry line, we decided we needed a place to share the trends, people, music, lifestyles and cultures that inspire who we are and the jewelry we create.

Meet odeliafarms

The best way to start things off is probably to introduce ourselves.

What is is the exclusive line of horse, wildlife and western style jewelry designed by creative designer Kerstin Stock. Based in Denver, Colorado, our jewelry is inspired by the west and created for the western rider, wildlife woman or horse-loving girl. All of our pieces are original designs and made with the highest quality materials. They’re nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic. has the perfect jewelry for any style and budget — and make for perfect gifts for any girl or woman in your life…or the perfect gift for yourself!

Who is Sharen Stock?

Hi, I’m Saren…and I’m the owner and creative designer of, as well as Wyo-Horse, a wholesale jewelry line for retailers. I started Wyo-Horse nearly 12 years ago with the goal of creating fashionable yet affordable horse, wildlife and western jewelry for young girls and woman who love the west as much as I do! After much success, I decided I wanted to sell directly to customers like you. I wanted to get more direct inspiration and feedback from you for each of my pieces. Thus, was born. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing and shopping the odeliafarms line, and reading our new blog!

What makes odeliafarms different from other western style jewelry lines?

We know there are several other places you could shop for western stye jewelry, but we think we’re unique in our designs, quality and customer service. Owner Kerstin Stock has a hand in every aspect of the business — and holds herself, her partners and suppliers, and her employees to the highest standards. She pours her heart and soul into the designs of each piece. Living in Denver, Colorado (and spending several weeks a year in Wyoming, and traveling around the West), she’s a true Western woman, and that’s clearly conveyed in the style and detail of each piece of jewelry.

What will you be writing about on the blog?

We love all things western, wildlife and horses — so we’ll be writing about that. Basically, things that inspire us, make us laugh, make us cry and make us think. And our hope is that you’ll also be inspired and entertained along the way…

Now Tell Us About You…

Now that we’ve told you a bit about us, we’d LOVE to hear a bit about you, so leave us a comment and tell us what you love about horses, wildlife and western life!

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Splash in Style

The onset of monsoon marks the arrival of splashing water droplets and mesmerizing landscapes that cast a spell on you. However, the blessings of rain can also take a toll on high fashion. So, if you are looking for the best ways to jazz up your wardrobe and accessorize this monsoon, the spell bounding Glitz and Glam collection can brighten up your day and lift the  monsoon dampener.

Accessories well to look cool and fashionable, even when the weather doesn’t support you. Long chain lockets of antique silver, black plated with a cross, silver-plated letters, animal-shaped pendants could be a rage, this season for the guys. So try shopping outside the big box to get your look right.

Earrings with smileys look funky on girls. Bracelets could be another must-have accessories for hip youngsters. Try out Glitz and Glam’s leather band that would look swell on guys.

Bright, vibrant hues would make you stand out in this dull and gloomy weather, where ever you go. Catch up with the latest in trends- bags, purses, scarves and windcheaters as your rainy day companions. Check out the full range of styles available on Glitz & Glam site to determine how trendy you want to feel and look to the world. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous. Rubber sandals and flip-flops with straps at the back are a must-have to avoid muddy splashes on your clothes. Accessorize with some bright neon colored rings, neck pieces, hats and belts and steal the show.

Most important – don’t forget to wear your ‘ATTITUDE’- The most important accessory you need to wear no matter what season it is.

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Costume Jewellery That Are Perfect For Wedding

Blame it on the rise of international destination weddings or our love for mixing high-end with high street. Teaming costume jewelry with your coveted traditional numbers is no longer taboo, even if you’re the bride. And while we know you love your Asscher-cut diamonds as much as the next missus-to-be, don’t rule out pairing your wedding couture with some look-at-me costume jewellery.

Silver-tone crystal brooch, Saint Laurent

Wearing a Chantilly lace sari for a wedding dinner thrown by your doting in-laws? Add some old-world glamour to your classic look with this dazzling snowflake-shaped brooch.

Pearl-embellished clip-on earrings, Givenchy

Givenchy’s edgy take on the beloved chaandbali is bound to win your favour. Wear it with a multi-coloured cape and dhoti pants for a congratulatory party thrown by your bestie.

Rice is life lace cuff, Bea Bongiasca

There is no doubting the staple status of this gold-plated intricate cuff. Stack it with all those polki and jadau bangles on your wedding day

Crystal and pearl flowering rings, Gucci

This statement cocktail ring promises to add some Art Deco appeal to your bridal getup. It’s exactly what a sangeet outfit calls for.

Mini Clover Hand Chain, Tory Burch

This understated hand harness will seamlessly blend in with any look you decide to team it with. Add it to your mehendi ensemble to balance the floral jewelry.

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